Fa FaFa
1. Place
Fa FaFa - 1700.00 AUD Bob
Golden Goddess
2. Place
Golden Goddess - 800.00 AUD Mary
5 Dragons
3. Place
5 Dragons - 560.00 AUD Henry
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How to Play at FaFaFa Slot


FaFaFa casino gambling machine was produced by Spade Gaming. It is a basic slot game with several extra features and opportunities to win better prizes. For those, who are looking for something simple and relaxing it will fit ideally. Gamblers, trying to find a slot with amazingly high payouts, will also avoid it, but for training purposes it is an excellent variant.

How to Win with FaFaFa slot?

How to Play FaFaFa Casino

The gambling world knows several strategies that may help players to win playing FaFaFa slot game, but all of them can’t guarantee a 100% success. Among some widely used ones are the following:

  • First of all, it is necessary to set up a bankroll and remain within its boundaries. In this case it is possible to leave the game with a title of a winner.
  • Decide as for the amount of money you can spend per spin. FaFaFa is great for players who are limited in budget. It means that playing it will help you staying within the bankroll and winning some money or prizes.
  • Use one of the betting strategies. In online uk casinos they usually allow to use either winning or losing line to enlarge the profit.
  • Use the strategy of Martingale. It is one of the most well-known ones to be used on FaFaFa real casino slot. You should double the bet every time when you are losing the round. In simple words, when you start playing with $1 and do not win the first round, double the bet. If the second round is also lost, double the bet till $4. The idea is that you will additionally win and cover your losses.

Advices of Hot to Play FaFaFa Slot Casino

FaFaFa slot machine offers its clients a kind of sale. For example, when you play the game from Facebook or using your smartphone, prices on coins are lower – $5 for 6 million of coins. So, it is recommended to keep in mind such sales offers on FaFaFa slots free coins and you will never be purchasing them at usual price.

Except those there are cheats allowing to get FaFaFa free coins for free and coins shop won’t be needed. The process of getting those cheats is not simple and time-saving, but if you want to save some dollars, you should try.

Fa Fa Fa slot casino can be played on mobile devices. For such purposes it is necessary to install it on your device on Android, iOS or Windows. All the respective application stores have the current slot game, so you can install it directly on your smartphone.

Now, when all the peculiarities of the slot game are described, it is time to check the behaviour of fortune. Hopefully it will choose this game to bring a huge profit for you.

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